A background in construction

In 1982, I got my start in construction while attending college. I found the process of creating something beautiful and functional from rough materials to be satisfying. During this period, I was given an opportunity to work with a small general contractor and knew immediately that it would be my life’s work.

 For seven years, I was a carpenter and framing subcontractor. This phase of construction proved invaluable in understanding the structure, flow, and integration of all rough trades, including mechanicals and proper preparation for the finish phase. In 1987, I began working for a custom home builder and, over the next several years, became skilled at home design, estimating, scheduling, and project coordination of the entire home building process. Ultimately, in 1994, I started my own custom home business. Over the last 30 years, I have designed 200+  homes, independently built 100+  homes, and have overseen the construction of 300+  homes.

My unique approach to clients

I feel fortunate to have learned the basics of carpentry and construction from skilled tradesmen, as well as planning, scheduling, and coordination from experts in the field. Today, this blended background enables me to offer the experience and quality of an old school builder with the professionalism of a skilled consultant to my clients. In the past I have overseen several projects at the same time, but have changed my business practice to working with only one or two clients simultaneously. This focus allows me to provide my clients with a high level of customer service and interface. I am able to attend to each project daily as the work progresses, ensuring only the highest attention to detail at every phase of construction.

My philosophy has always been to start with a good plan and build with quality materials in order to produce a beautiful, long-lasting home. I will never compromise the structure, even when working to achieve a conservative budget.



Meet Brad

 I am originally from Columbus, Indiana, and I have lived in Indianapolis since 1984. My wife, Freda, and I have been married for 25 years and have three grown children: Haley, Logan, and Jack. I am an avid cyclist and a Cat 1 mountain bike racer who loves to travel to places where I can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, particularly forests, rivers, and mountains.